The Children of the Sun can facilitate contact with the various pro­jects we are working with in Cusco. Read more under Projects.
If you wish to travel to Cusco to work with children and / or young people, you can do that as a volunteer.
It is obligatory in Peru for the volunteer to give a donation to the in­stitu­tion where he or she will be working
to show respect for the work done there.

As a volunteer it is very important to have prepared before you go what you will do together with kids, so you have something to offer, such as games, handicrafts, recycling, etc

January and February are not a good time for volunteering. There are only few children in the drop-in-centers those months.
It is important to have a reasonable knowledge of Spanish before you go. There are good language schools in Cusco, but if you come as a complete beginner in Spanish, you cannot expect to be able to communicate well with the children and young people over there.
And remember that in Peru everything in totally different from what you find in Denmark or in Europe!
But call or mail to The Children of the Sun, Jannie Fursund, she will be happy to tell you what you specifically need to be aware of.
Contact: Jannie e-mail jannie.fursund@gmail.com  Phone +45 45 89 13 00

Often the joy of anticipation prevents one from being able to listen to good advice. That can cause you to experience a culture shock when you come to Peru for the first time.







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